Welcome to the home of the Erlton Community Association (ECA). The ECA represents the interests of the Erlton community, located in the inner city of Calgary, Alberta.

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DP2021-2634 @ 54 28 AV SW (4-plex)

D.P. NUMBER: DP2021-2634Parcel Address: 54 28 AV SWApplicant: Unick DesignCommunity: ERLTONDescription: New: Multi-Residential Development (1 building)Proposed Development is: DiscretionaryProposed Use: Multi-residential June 14, 2021 The Development Authority has provided us with a review of the original plans for this discretionary development. If you believe you may be affected by this application, please reply and a […]
By : Webmaster | Jun 14, 2021

SB2021-0236 @ 2817 Erlton Street

D.P. NUMBER: SB2021-0236Parcel Address: 2817 Erlton Street SWApplicant: Condo CorpCommunity: ERLTONDescription: Subdivide a condominium plan to provide a separate land title for each unit. This is an application to subdivide a condominium plan to provide a separate land title for each unit. No construction will occur. The deadline for comment is June 23rd, 2021. If […]
By : Webmaster | Jun 10, 2021

DP2020-7724 at 36 27 AV SW (sunroom addition)

D.P. NUMBER: DP2020-7724Parcel Address: 36 27 AV SWApplicant: Blueflower SunroomsCommunity: ERLTONDescription: Addition: Single Detached Dwelling (rear sunroon) – parcel coverageProposed Development is: DiscretionaryProposed Use: Addition June 1, 2021 The appeal hearing was held on May 20th, 2021. The applicant and owners withdrew their development permit application and will no longer pursue the approved permit. The […]
By : Webmaster | Jun 1, 2021

DP2020-5250 New 4-unit Development at 69 31 Ave SW

D.P. NUMBER: DP2020-5250Parcel Address: 69 31 Ave SWApplicant: Tricor Design GroupCommunity: ERLTONDescription: New: Multi-Residential Development Proposed Development is: DiscretionaryProposed Use: Multi-Residential Development May 27, 2021 The appeal for SDAB2021-0026 (this development) is now scheduled for June 10th at 10AM. The original Notice of Hearing is attached. It provides the procedure to access the hearing. Notice of Hearing […]
By : Webmaster | May 27, 2021

DP2021-1955 at 60 34 AV SW (garbage enclosure)

D.P. NUMBER: DP2021-1955Parcel Address: 60 34 AV SWApplicant: Condo Corp 1512941Community: ERLTONDescription: Construct a garbage enclosureProposed Development is: Discretionary April 18, 2021 The Erlton Community Association has chosen to make no comment on this application. April 12, 2021 This is an application to construct a garbage container enclosure. The deadline for comment is May 3rd, […]
By : Webmaster | Apr 18, 2021

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