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DP2018-5650 (Change of use: Cannabis Sto...

DP2018-5650 (Change of use: Cannabis Store @ 8 Mission RD SW)

D.P. NUMBER: DP2018-5650Parcel Address: 8 MISSION RD SWApplicant: CALGARY CO-OPERATIVE ASSOCIATION LIMITED.Community: PARKHILLDescription: Change of Use: Cannabis Store 2019/03/25 This application was refused by the Development Authority on March 22, 2019.¬† 2019/01/08 Please see the ECA response to the City concerning this application attached below. ECA Response to DP2018-5650 2018/12/22 This is an application for […]

DP2019-1070 Home Occupation 2411 Erlton ...

DP2019-1070 Home Occupation 2411 Erlton Road SW

D.P. NUMBER: DP2019-1070Parcel Address: #301 2411 ERLTON RD SWApplicant: 1000 BUTTERFLIESCommunity: ERLTONDescription: Temporary Use: Home Occupation – Class 2 (Massage Therapy and Instruction) 2019/03/25 The Erlton Community Association sent the following response to the File Manager, following receipt of the response from one of the Waterford condo boards. It should be noted that commercial use […]

DP2018-0089 (Single Family @ 2519 Erlton...

DP2018-0089 (Single Family @ 2519 Erlton Street SW)

[2019/02/08] The SDAB denied the appeal and upheld the decision of the Development Authority as detailed in the Board Order.¬† Attached below is the SDAB decision. SDAB2018-0170 Decision [2019/01/12] Attached below is the ECA’s submission to the Sub-division and Development Appeals board as approved by the membership on January 8th. ECA Submission SDAB2018-0170 [2018/11/21] Attached […]

DP2018-4518 @ 2625 Erlton St SW (single ...

DP2018-4518 @ 2625 Erlton St SW (single family)

[2019/01/21] This was approved by the Development Authority on January 18, 2019. Any affected person who would like to see the final approved plans and conditions of approval may send an email to – please provide address and reason for being an affected person. [2018/10/15] Please see the Erlton Community Association comment on this […]

DP2018-0458 (4 units @ 55 – 28th Ave SW)

DP2018-0458 (4 units @ 55 – 28th Ave SW)

[2018/08/14] Attached is the written appeal decision. SDAB2018-0025 [2018/07/19] The appeal was held Thursday, July 19th, 2018 starting at 9:30AM. After lengthy presentations by all concerned – Development Authority, Dave Turner, various neighbours, ECA Planning, and the developer – the Board made a few minor changes to address some of the Mr. Turner’s privacy concerns, […]

DP2018-0156 (Duplex @ 30 29 Ave SW)

DP2018-0156 (Duplex @ 30 29 Ave SW)

[2018/08/02] I received this Notification of Decision this afternoon, including a copy of the approved plans. The deadline for any appeal is noted in the material. Please share and discuss this email with your neighbours, some of whom may not be community members, or may not have provided us with their email address. Please do […]

DP2017-4075 (1818 – 1st Street SE)

DP2017-4075 (1818 – 1st Street SE)

[2018/05/25] I received amended plans this morning. The project is located in the community of Beltline, however Erlton was circulated since the Elbow River marks our northern boundary. We did not comment on the original plans, however we offered to assist the Beltline CA if they had any issues. No meetings were held. Today, we […]

Approved: DP2017-3676 @ 20 – 27th Ave SW

Approved: DP2017-3676 @ 20 – 27th Ave SW (contextual single family home and garage)

Attached is an approval notice and site plan for a contextual single family home and garage, received today. Contextual single and semi-detached dwellings are listed as permitted uses in the developed area. In contrast to discretionary applications, contextual dwellings cannot be refused by The City or appealed by the public, so long as the design […]