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DP2018-0458 (4 units @ 55 – 28th Ave SW)

[2018/08/14] Attached is the written appeal decision. SDAB2018-0025 [2018/07/19] The appeal was held Thursday, July 19th, 2018 starting at 9:30AM. After lengthy presentations by all concerned – Development Authority, Dave Turner, various neighbours, ECA Planning, and the developer – the Board made a few minor changes to address some of the Mr. Turner’s privacy concerns, […]

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DP2017-5026 (Repsol Day Care)

[2017/11/17] The Erlton Community Association has reviewed this Development Permit application, and we have no comment. [2017/11/14] I received this Development Permit application and plans this afternoon. A PDF of some of it is attached. This is essentially a paper-work exercise to legalize something Repsol has been doing for years. The complete file and plans […]

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