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As a result of our previous update, our office received a few emails asking for clarification regarding the development. We asked Anthem properties to respond and wanted to share the questions and answers with you. Anthem is willing to respond to questions from the public at any time so send them directly or, better yet, through our office so everyone has the benefit of a response.

Question 1 – The proposed changes to the land use designation would increase the maximum size of the grocery store allowed on site to 3,800 sq. metres (approx. 40,903 sq. ft). How big was the original size of the grocery store? Does this mean there will be more retail space altogether or is it being taken from other retail space? How big are comparable neighbourhood stores (e.g. Mission Safeway or Co-op marketplace)?

Anthem Properties: The original grocery store size was 2,800 sq. metres (30,140 sq. ft). The proposed size is 3,800 sq. metres (40,900 sq. ft), which has been taken from other retail uses within the permissible floor area. In order for stores to be economically viable, there are certain metrics which must be fulfilled. Here are a few other sizes of inner city grocery stores:

  • Beltline Safeway- 37,000 sq. ft
  • Beltline Coop – approx. 40,00 sq. ft
  • Marda Loop Safeway – 44,000 sq. ft
  • Mission Safeway – 24,000 sq. ft (which will be redeveloped and increased in size).

Question 2 – The proposed changes to the land use designation would eliminate the requirement for a minimum amount of office space.

What exactly does this mean to the complex as a whole? Does it mean that office space will now be residential space, retail space, not built?

Anthem Properties: The current approved zoning permits a range of office sizes, from 108,000 to 216,000 sq. ft. The proposal is to remove the minimum requirement, as Anthem does not want to build office space in this location based on market demand. The residential space permitted is not increased due to this change. Also, the total number of towers has been reduced from 5 down to 4 as a result of this change, under the new proposal.

Question 3 – The proposed changes to the land use designation would, in addition to residential access, allow an access point to the underground parking from Erlton Road for patrons of the commercial businesses. This implies, to me, that the original plan did not allow access from Erlton Road to the underground parking. Can you please elaborate?

Anthem Properties: The approved Land Use does not restrict access to the parkade. There is some loose language in the Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP) that states commercial traffic “shall be principally from MacLeod Trail”. To be clear, commercial loading and delivery will be solely from the MacLeod Trail side of the buildings, and only commercial patrons will enter from Erlton Road. This access is critical to the success of the retail businesses which will ultimately occupy the spaces, as they will rely on easy access for their customers, whether it be walking, from the LRT, or by vehicle. The site provides a balance of all of these different modes of access. The latest concept for the site has always been to provide access for both residential and commercial vehicles onto Erlton Road and was included in the traffic review done in 2006 and submitted to the City of Calgary. By providing this access, vehicles will circulate underground in the parkade and spend less time on the street where they would cause congestion further along Erlton Road, and on the High Street pedestrian oriented street. There is specific language in the ARP stating that the parkade access to the development must line up with that of the existing developments, which has been accommodated in the proposed design.

NOTE: Anthem is providing significant infrastructure upgrades including a +15 connection to the Erlton LRT station, a new traffic light at Erlton and 25th Avenue, plus long overdue improvements to MacLeod (sic) Trail and 25th Avenue, as part of the development. These upgrades are part of the development and the Anthem continues to offer these as a part of the redevelopment proposal.

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Next Steps

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  • Land Use Amendment application will come to Council in the New Year and our office will let you know about deadlines for written comment as well as opportunities for commenting in person at the Council meeting
  • Team Ward 9 will continue to provide updates as this process moves forward, including an opportunity to comment on the Development Permit


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  • Jan 06/13 – Update #2 went out
  • Dec 13/13 – Update #1 went out
  • Aug 2013 – A Traffic Impact Assessment (TIA) was submitted in by the land owner to support the request for an additional access to the site’s underground parking from Erlton Road.
  • 2007 – A Direct Control District land use zoning was approved for the site.

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