Dear Erlton neighbour,

I am sure everyone is looking forward to spring as much as I am – it has been an excruciatingly long winter. While it has been my intention to alternate between a City/Ward 9-wide and Erlton-specific newsletter report each month, it’s turned out that all my reports since getting re-elected have been big picture stuff. This month we’re getting back on track so without further adieu, I am happy to provide my first Erlton-specific update of the 2013-2017 Council.

Obviously the flood remains the single-biggest issue confronting Erlton. The recent media splash from the Calgary River Communities Action Group calling for a Flood Ombudsman communicated very clearly the need for more and better communication coming out of the City’s Flood Recovery Task Force. While I agree with my colleague Evan Woolley’s statement that, “I’m the Ombudsman,” with the help of the Mayor’s Office we’ve been able to secure a new commitment to much better communication from the Task Force. The proof of this will be in the pudding over the next couple months but in the meantime allow me to address the big issues looming large in the minds of Erlton residents:

  1. While anything is possible, the snowpack in the mountains this year is low (in direct contrast to the snow events we’ve experienced in the City this winter). A large snow pack is one of the key ingredients for another flood event so for this year, the risk is currently much lower than last year. And better monitoring, forecasting, and communicating the likeliness of flood events is part of the move-forward business plan.
  2. While the type and degree of upstream mitigation (both at the headwaters and at the reservoir) have yet to be solidified, the issue is being intently studied, the best solutions will be identified, and we and/or the Province will undertake those solutions. We’ll also do a better job of communicating where we are on the decision matrix on a move-forward basis.
  3. I will continue my advocacy for residents in issues pertaining specifically to Erlton, such as working to see if we can provide some tax relief to those who have been out of their homes. At the time of writing this, the program has been approved at the Committee level and still needs Council’s approval.

I have been committed to clear communication with you since the Flood and Team Ward 9’s indomitable Lindsay Luhnau has become a serious expert in helping residents get your questions to the Task Force answered and helping to connect you with the right people in the Provincial Government. My office continues to provide ‘Flood Updates’ and if you are not already receiving updates but would like to, please contact my office at to get on the mailing list.

In addition, not related to the Flood, and due to the high level of interest in and complexity of the issue, I have started an update regarding the Anthem Development along MacLeod Trail and 25 Avenue. Currently, the developer is undertaking a land use re-designation which will come to Council as part of a public hearing. Team Ward 9 will endeavour to keep you up to date on the information around this process and important development steps for Erlton. If you are not already receiving updates for Anthem but would like to, please contact my office at to get in the mailing list so we can keep up informed and let you know when and where events or info session are taking place.

In closing, I want to thank you all for your patience and understanding through this difficult, snowy winter. I know many of our neighbours have been helping out with shovelling and looking out for those who need a hand. Now is the time to nominate your Snow Angels. If you have been helped by a Snow Angel this winter, please share your story. To nominate someone, call 3-1-1 or visit They will be officially recognized by The City of Calgary and entered in a prize draw. Stay in touch and never hesitate to contact Team Ward 9 if we can be of any assistance: 403-268-5330 or


Lauren Trevitt
Executive Assistant to Ward 9 Councillor Gian-Carlo Carra
P: 403.268.2477 F: 403.268.8091

*Please note that our office discloses the names of all parties, external to the City who meet with Councillor Carra at our office.