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Hello ECA Members:

At our recent board of directors (BOD) meeting, the Board was discussing adopting a formal Code of Conduct. Without advance indication and without any vote on the topic, the President, Vice President and Secretary abruptly resigned and left the meeting to the shock of the other Board members. We, the remaining Board members are currently seeking members to fill the vacant positions.

All ECA members with membership of at least one month or more are qualified to fill the vacated seats of President, Vice President and Secretary. Please help, send an e-mail to me with your desired seat to fill.

The resignation notices received from the departing board members are attached for your information.

Michael Resignation | Kirt Resignation | Natalie Resignation

Note: personal addresses have been removed from the above correspondence -Webmaster, April 7, 2014.


Shirine Lund
ECA Membership Rep.