[from ECA Planning to neighbours on February 23, 2015]

The SDAB’s written decision is attached.

SDAB decision 2014-0160


[from ECA Planning to neighbours on February 9, 2015]

The SDAB appeal hearing was held on February 5th. The Board ordered
changes to the design of the garage – changing the East roof-peak to a
cottage style, and relocating the garage .6m (2 feet) to the West. Mr.
Turner states he is satisfied with this result.

When the written decision is available, we’ll send one further email,
and close this file.


[from ECA Planning to neighbours on January 29, 2015]

Attached is the Erlton Community Association’s presentation in support
of Mr. Turner’s appeal.

ECA’s appeal presentation – complete


[from ECA Planning to neighbours on December 12, 2014]

The SDAB’s report and plans regarding this appeal are available on-line at:


It you want a permanent record of this material, you should save it,
since the links expire after a short period of time.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for December 18th to set a date for
the appeal. I’ll update when that information is available.

Meanwhile, if any of the affected neighbours want to comment on this
appeal, quote SBAB2014-0160 on the subject line and mail it to


[from ECA Planning to neighbours on December 5, 2014]

Dave Turner, the neighbour to the east of this proposed development has
appealed the City’s approval. A hearing date has been set for December
18th at 9AM.

The Appeal and Hearing notices are attached.


SDAB2014-0160 hearing notice


[from ECA Planning to neighbours on November 24, 2014]

I received the approved plans in today’s mail. They are version 1.2. I
do have a PDF version of the plans as well, however it is a large file.
If you do want it, please let me know and I’ll email it to you.

According to a previous email from the file manager, the relaxations
granted to this application are balcony depth (private amenity space)
1.47m (-0.53m), Garage area 208.1m2 (+108.1m2), garage height to
accommodate lifts 7.34m (+2.74m) and garage eave height 6.43m (+3.43m).

Please call if you would like to view the hard copy of the plans.


[from ECA Planning to City Planning on May 10, 2014]

The Erlton Community Association’s comment is attached.

Erlton comment DP2014-1557 at 55 – 28th Ave SW _triplex_


[from Darko Stanic to City Planning on May 8, 2014]

Good morning Michele,

My name is Darko Stanic residing at 49 28 Ave SW, at the single family dwelling just east of the proposed development.

Furthermore Dave Turner’s request, I’d like to ask for ;

  • A 28th Avenue streetscape view showing Dave’s home
  • A March 21, 4 PM shadow study
  • A cross section showing the relationship with Dave’s home at #51

Thank you,

Darko Stanic


[from Dave Turner to City Planning on May 8, 2014]

Development Proposal DP2014-1557


[from ECA Planning to neighbours on April 25, 2014]

I received this Development Permit application and plans this afternoon. A PDF of some of it is attached.


It is a triplex with garages accessed off of the lane. The garages have stacked parking for each unit.

There is no visitor parking, the building appears to be marginally over-height in the NE corner, and there is no shadow study to reveal the impact of the garages on the rear yards of the east neighbours.

I have the plans available for review. Please call if you would like to see them.

You can submit your comments directly via email to the following three addresses:

michele.bussiere@calgary.ca — Planning File Manager (403-268-1225)
dp.circ@calgary.ca — City’s document circulation controller
erlton@shaw.ca  — Erlton Community Association
gian-carlo.carra@calgary.ca  — Our Councillor

The deadline for comment is May 12th.

Please share and discuss this email with your neighbours, some of whom may not be community members, or may not have provided us with their email address. 

Please do not hesitate to call or email should you have any concerns or require further information.