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My office has been receiving a lot of emails from residents in Parkhill and Erlton regarding the advertisement of a proposed land use change (LOC2014-36) that was recently posted on the vacant site on the corner of 34th Avenue and Mission Road S.W. The emails range from an inquiry as to what’s going on, to support or opposition to the project. I thought I’d write an update on the Mission Road Main Street Innovation Project to three specific ends: clarify what’s going on; solicit your feedback as I undertake my review of the project as a member of Calgary Planning Commission and then as your representative on City Council; and invite you to spend some time walking Mission Road and discussing the nuances of this project with me tomorrow Saturday, May 3, from 4:30 to 6:30pm, as I conduct my third annual Jane’s Walk exploring this ongoing neighbourhood transformation.

  1. What’s Going On

The Mission 34 project, the first of many projects expected to transform Mission Road following the amazing pilot planning process we undertook together back in June 2011, was granted Development Permit Approval by the City on October 10, 2013. That approval was appealed to the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board (SDAB) by a number of residents. After a lengthy appeal process (October 2013 – March 31, 2014), the SDAB surprised everyone by fully supporting the appeal and overturning the approval. When this occurred, the Mission 34 Project was faced with three options: quit, wait six months to resubmit a development permit application that accounted for the issues informing the SDAB decision, or pursue a new land use application tying their development permit application plans directly to the new land use.

The third option, land use tied to plans, is the direction City Administration wanted to go. What this means is that Council, which usually only deliberates over land use matters, will make a decision regarding the land use and the development permit application, because in this case they are one and the same. It is expected that this application will be reviewed by Calgary Planning Commission (of which I’m one of Council’s two appointed members) on May 22nd, and dependant on CPC’s support, will make it in front of Council at a Public Meeting on July 21st as part of the Public hearing.

2. How to Get Your Voice is Heard

As a citizen you have a right to voice either your support for or concerns with this project (and I encourage you to do so). Through these email updates we’ll inform you of the precise dates of the CPC hearing as well as the Public Hearing of Council. You may submit a letter to directly City Administration for inclusion in the report to the Calgary Planning Commission.

If you are interested in sharing your opinion as part of the public record for the Public Hearing (tentatively July 21st, 2014), share your comments with clerks at least two weeks prior to the Public Hearing. You may also want to come and make an in person submission to Council on the date of the Public Hearing. Check out our Ward 9 TV about ‘Making a Submission to Council’ for tips.

The central technical question before both CPC and Council is whether the proposed Mission 34 project meets the vision and technical specifications of the greater Mission Road project. Many of the emails I’ve received in opposition to this project state that it does not; I cannot over-emphasize how important it is to explain HOW it does not, as this is the core question before both CPC and Council.


3. Join me for my 3rd Annual Mission Road Main Street Innovation Project Jane’s Walk

On Saturday May 3, from 4:30 to 6:30pmmeet me at the NE corner of Mission Road and 34 Avenue SE for a stroll through the community. We’ll discuss the origin and saga of the Mission Road Main Street Innovation Project, the Mission 34 project, and future projects in the pipeline in the context of my ongoing work at City Hall to transform how we undertake neighbourhood planning in pursuit of a more urban and sustainable future for Calgary. I hope to see you there.


Gian-Carlo Carra

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May 1/14 Update #16 went out
Jul 25/12 Update #15 went out
Jun 29/12 Update #14 went out
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Jan 6/11 Update #11 went out
Dec 27/11 Update #10 went out
Dec 15/11 Update #9 went out
Dec 15/11 Public advertising period began for the Public Hearing at the January 9th, 2012 Public Hearing.
Dec 5/11 Council defer Agenda Item 7.1 (CPC11-002) to the January 9thCouncil meeting to be heard in conjunction with the Mission Road Innovation Project and related Land Use/Bylaws.
Dec/11 Minutes from Calgary Planning commission released
Nov 28/11 Went to the Calgary Planning commission as agenda items M-2011-019 and LOC-2011-0060
Nov 23/11 Update #8 went out
Nov 22/11 LUPP hosted an Open House at the Parkhill Community Hall to show the Land Use Amendments proposed as part of the Mission Road Project.
Nov 10/11 Update #7 went out
Sumer/Fall 2011 City Administration worked on policy amendments needed for the Mission Road Innovation Project’s success.
June 24/11 Update #6 went out
June 21/11 Closing presentation held. Update #5 went out.
June 15-21/11 Mission Road Charrette held at the Holiday Inn on Mcleod Tr.
June 14/11 Consultant team arrived and met with Ald. Carra, The Ward 9 Team and the Mayor for pizza and to get acquainted with Calgary. Update #4 went out.
Early June Ward 9 Team and wonderful student volunteers hand delivered Mission Rd flyers to Erlton, Parkhill, Rideau Park and Roxboro.
May 27/11 Update #3 went out.
May 19/11 Update # 2 was sent out.
May 2011 The winning bid for the Mission Road Innovation Project was announced. Placemakers Canada Inc., in collaboration with DPZ Architects & Town Planners, were to be the contractors leading the project.
Mar 29/11 Update # 1 was sent out.
Mar 28/11 The RFP closed with many organizations apply for the work.
Mar 10/11 RFP posted on the City website to gather proposals from Urban Design professionals interested in running the Mission Road Project including the Charrette process.
Feb-Mar 2011 City staff and the ward 9 office worked together to development a Request for Proposals for a contractor to run the Mission Road Project including the Charrette process and the report back to council.
Feb 14/11 Council approved, in a 14 to 1 vote, to support the Mission Road Main Street Project with $300,000 from Council’s new Innovation Fund.
Feb 7/11 Council agreed to once again table the ARP amendment for Mission Road until after the Mission Road Project process has taken place. The ARP will come back to Council on December 5, 2011.
Jan 29/11 A one day, community visioning meeting (World Cafe) took place to gauge support for the idea of doing things differently on Mission Road. It was a huge success.
Jan 10/11 A proposed amendment to a community ARP came before City Council. Councillor Carra asked the Council to table the ARP for one month to 1) engage the community in a high-level visioning session regarding Mission Road in order to both test the appetite of the communities for this pilot in this location as well as soliciting input on the final Terms of Reference; and; 2) get the Terms of Reference and the Innovation Fund Request exactly right.
Dec 2010 It came to our office’s attention that an “up zoning” would be coming before Council regarding Mission Road. Neither the landowners nor the community were getting the ideal solution from the up zoning and Councillor Carra thought it would be a great place to try something new and use the innovation fund.
Nov 2010 Through the budgeting process, City Council set up a new innovation fund designed to trial doing things differently within the city.
Oct. 18/10 Gian-Carlo Carra elected to represent Ward 9.
Pre-Oct. 18/10 Professional Urban Designer Gian-Carlo Carra was frustrated by the development process in Calgary.