The City would like to provide important information regarding an upcoming controlled river high-flow event that will occur on or around May 10* in preparation for the upcoming flood readiness time period.

 On a routine basis, The City conducts river surveys and inspections to review river bed conditions and flow rates. Early this year, surveys and inspections of the Elbow River were completed for the area along 22 Avenue to 25 Avenue S.W. Based on our preliminary findings, the Elbow River bed and flow depth along this area have changed.

 To confirm the findings and to calibrate the flow capacity in the Mission area, The City will be conducting a controlled river high-flow event, on or around May 10, depending on rain conditions*. The City will carefully increase the Elbow River flow rate over a period of time to the range of 80 to 100 m3/s by controlling the release of water from the Glenmore Reservoir. This flow rate will not generate overland flooding.


All people and pets are asked to stay away from the river edge and banks, and closed pathways on the Elbow and Bow riverbanks downstream of Inglewood during this controlled event. This is for your safety. River conditions will remain high throughout the day and into the evening on. This will pose an elevated risk to river users. City staff and emergency personnel will be onsite monitoring, from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., the river levels and looking at potential impacts to river adjacent properties and communities.

 *Note: If rain conditions occur the date will change.

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