[Letter of objection to this development sent by Bill Fischer on January 23, 2017]

I’m writing this as a resident of Erlton.

I object to this land use re-designation in my community.

The loss of more than 60,000 square feet of park space in the inner city will be a tragedy, since once it is removed, it will never be returned to the public realm. This is particularly egregious, since, as they state in their written rationale, the sole purpose is to expand for business needs.

The current site boundaries provide ample space in their existing parking lot in which to expand. If it is necessary to replace any parking spots removed by the expansion, underground or above-ground structures in the remaining paved parking area can easily provide whatever is necessary.

Please don’t facilitate the destruction of an inner city park. We have little enough as it is.

[from ECA Planning to neighbours on January 10, 2017]

At our January 10th community meeting we heard a presentation from Jeff Booke, the CEO of the Repsol Sport Centre. We subsequently discussed this proposed Land Use Amendment. A majority of those members of our CA that attended the meeting voted in favour of supporting this application.

Please do not hesitate to call or email should you have any concerns or require further information.

[from ECA Planning to neighbours on January 6, 2017]

I received this Land Use Amendment application in this morning’s mail.  A PDF of it is attached.

This is an application to increase the currently allowed area of land to accommodate an expansion of the existing building located at 2225 Macleod Trail. The proposed increase in land area is 5,624 square metres, or approximately 60,500 square feet. This is currently park space / grass, the majority of which will be covered by the expanded footprint of the building. If you Google the address you can click on the map and get to an satellite view of the area to compare to the site plan on page 5.

I have the application and site plan available for review. Please call if you would like to see it. It will also be available at our next community meeting on January 10th, where we’ll discuss our community’s position on this application.

Please share and discuss this email with your neighbours, some of whom may not be community members, or may not have provided us with their email address.

Please submit your comments directly via email to all of the following addresses:

Rafal.Cichowlas@calgary.ca — Planning File Manager (403-268-2077)
dp.circ@calgary.ca — City’s document circulation controller
erlton@shaw.ca  — Erlton Community Association, Planning
gian-carlo.carra@calgary.ca  — Our Councillor

The deadline for comment is January 25th, 2017.

Please do not hesitate to call or email should you have any concerns or require further information.