[October 18th, 2017]

Thank you Mr. Bronson.

The proximity to the Co-op liquor store would have been our objection, as well. In addition, the lack of parking and embedding a liquor store in the midst of a residential community – single family homes in Erlton are less than 15m away – are further objections our community would highlight.

Please consider the above as our community comment on this DP, and please advise us of the formal decision when the developer is advised.

[October 18th, 2017]

The proposed Liquor Store is 260 metres from another approved Liquor Store (DP2015-4607, pending release). The Bylaw requires that the use is refused due to the proximity. The applicant will be informed that they may cancel the application or accept a decision of refusal upon release of the first development permit. I’ve added a circulation to the Erlton CA for information only. The date for comment will not be extended however.

Daniel Bronson, AT.
Senior Planning Technician | Planning & Development

[October 18th, 2017]

Greg Hay, who is now the Development Chair for the Parkhill CA, advised us of this DP this morning.

Erlton was not circulated, despite the fact that this proposal is located less than 15m from single family homes in our community.

We ask that you extend the date for comment until October 26th to enable us to review this and provide a meaningful comment.

The Community Association Feedback Form asks us to commit to the Planning System core values: innovation, collaboration, transparency, accountability, trust, and responsibility. Since we’re confident that your department is also committed to these values, and in the spirit of collaboration and transparency, please provide us with a copy of the Land Use Bylaw Check for this DP via email.

Receipt of this information will enable us to effectively review this application with all the facts disclosed.