[originally sent January 6, 2012]

I received this Development Permit Application for Erlton’s comments this morning. A PDF of the the City’s review of the plans, and a street view is attached.


The design meets the requirements of our ARP, and there are no significant design issues.

Please share/discuss this email with your neighbours, some of whom may not be community members, or may not have shared their email address with us.

I’ll bring the plans to our January 10th community meeting, however if anyone wants to see them earlier, please let me know.

Your individual comments can be attached to our community’s comment, or be submitted directly via email to the following addresses:

ian.bamford@calgary.ca  — Planning File Manager
design.house@shaw.ca  — Developer
erlton@shaw.ca  — Erlton Community Association
gian-carlo.carra@calgary.ca  — Our Alderman

The deadline for comment is January 24th.

Best regards,

Bill Fischer
Chairman, Erlton Community Association,
Planning and Development Committee
65 – 31 Avenue SW, Calgary, Alberta T2S 2Y7


[update sent on January 17, 2012]

Erlton comment DP2011-4594 _Semi-detached Dwelling 14 – 27…