D.P. NUMBER: DP2019-1070
Parcel Address: #301 2411 ERLTON RD SW
Applicant: 1000 BUTTERFLIES
Community: ERLTON
Description: Temporary Use: Home Occupation – Class 2 (Massage Therapy and Instruction)


The Erlton Community Association sent the following response to the File Manager, following receipt of the response from one of the Waterford condo boards. It should be noted that commercial use is contrary to the Waterford condo bylaws; however, it is not a planning consideration and is viewed in the same way as private restrictive covenants (i.e. the Development Authority considers it a matter for the courts, not relevant for planning approval):

The Erlton Community Association supports the position of the Waterford A/B Condo Board. A home occupation that has clients visit the premises is not an appropriate use in an apartment complex. It would be more appropriate for a house or townhouse, where lower density would alleviate the parking and traffic issues, and clients could attend without creating concern regarding the security of other residents.

Waterford A/B Response copied to ECA (portion; names not shown):

I am the Vice President of the A/B Board of The Waterford (Condos).

We are opposed.

Here is our position:

An applicant, at 2411 Erlton Road, “C” building, has applied to the City for a permit for massage therapy and instruction in one of the units in “C” building. 

The Waterford complex consists of 4 buildings.  We are labeled “B”.  We face “C”.   Our addresses are on Erlton Road.  

There are two others, “A” and “D”.   Their addresses are on Erlton Street.  

We have two Boards—A/B and C/D.  I, as Vice President of A/B, am writing on behalf of my Board and the owners, to register our objection, our opposition to this application.

We are a large condo complex.  We take up a city block, 25th Avenue to 24th Avenue and Erlton Road to Erlton Street.  This is a high density area.  Parking is limited.  23rd Avenue is a dead-end.

This would set a precedent to have an in-home business on our premises.   A precedent we don’t want to start, because once there is one “home occupation”, it means there can be more.

There are children living in our complex and this raises concerns about security. 


This is an application for a home occupation in a condo in Waterford, anticipated to have 1-2 clients per day, 10 per week. 

The deadline for comment is April 1, 2019. 

If you believe you may be affected by this application, please
send an email to ECAplanningchair@gmail.com and the circulation package will be emailed to you. If you are aware of neighbours who may be affected but are not ECA members, please advise them to send an email to ECAplanningchair@gmail.com requesting the circulation package.