The Lindsay Park Community Association (LPCA) has distributed the following notice concerning public parking North of 25th Avenue along with an update on the Anthem project along Macleod Trail.


After taking into consideration the comments received from residents of the community, Lindsay Park Community Association did approach the city regarding putting up barriers on the north Erlton Road and Erlton Street entrances.

The city informed us that they will not put up barriers, but will follow the same procedure they did last year in an effort to alleviate traffic within our community during Stampede week:

  • Sign will be placed at the entrance to the community stating “RESIDENT PARKING ONLY’. Photo Enforced by Parking Authority.
  • Regular patrols within the community will be increased during Stampede week.
  • Residential Zone passes (or parking permits as some refer to them) will be honored. Vehicles have to be registered with Parking Authority in order for the passes to be valid (includes visitor parking on the street).
  • All parking complaints are to be directed to the city at (403) 537-7100.

As we go forward, please note we will be communicating further with the City to address street parking in our community.


We spoke with Anthem’s representative regarding their plans for the site. They have informed us that there are no plans for development on this site for the next 12 months and until the economy improves.

The signs that are up around the site are general advertising for all of their properties and not for any one particular property.