The applicant has decided to withdraw the application and LOC2019-0151 has been cancelled.


This is an update on the application on the south side of 34 Ave in Parkhill (Erlton is the north side). 

This item was heard at Calgary Planning Commission on December 19, 2019. CPC varied the administration recommendation of approval, and recommends that Council refuse the application as noted in the extract from the minutes below:



Policy Amendment and Land Use Amendment in Parkhill (Ward 11) at Multiple Addresses – 34 Avenue SW, LOC2019-0151, CPC2019-1460

This item has Video

Commissioner Juan declared a conflict of interest and abstained from discussion and voting with respect to Report CPC2019-1460.

Commissioner Juan left the Council Chamber at 4:00 p.m. and did not return as this was the last item on the agenda.

The following documents were received for the Corporate Record with respect to Report CPC2019-1460:

·         A letter from the Community Association dated 2019 December 13; and

·         A letter from an area landowner.

Commission recessed at 4:00 p.m. and reconvened at 4:05 p.m. with Director Tita in the Chair.

The following speakers addressed Commission with respect to Report CPC2019-1460:

1.       Hans Koppe, Casola Koppe

2.       Srimal Ranasinghe, Hive Developments

  • Moved byCommissioner Palmiere

That with respect to Report CPC2019-1460 the letter from the Community Association be received for the Corporate Record and forwarded on to Council.


  • Moved byCouncillor Woolley

That with respect to Report CPC2019-1460 the letter from an area landowner be received for the Corporate Record and forwarded on to Council and included as a Public Submission Attachment.


  • Moved byCouncillor Woolley

That with respect to Report CPC2019-1460, the following be approved:

That Calgary Planning Commission recommend that Council refuse the application;

And further, the letter received from the Community Association be forwarded on to Council with the Report and the Landowner letter be included with the Public Submissions Attachment at Council.



The video is here: https://pub-calgary.escribemeetings.com/Players/ISIStandAlonePlayer.aspx?ClientId=calgary&FileName=primary%20replacement_Calgary%20Planning%20Commission_2019-12-19-02-45.mp4 and this item starts at 3:10

It is scheduled to be considered by Council on February 3, 2019. Further updates will be sent once they are available.


The application will be considered by the Calgary Planning Commission on December 19 with an administration recommendation of approval. The report is here: https://pub-calgary.escribemeetings.com/filestream.ashx?DocumentId=117382 

The ECA Planning Committee agreed to send an email to the public members and Councillors on CPC in support of the ECA members opposed to the redesignation, as discussed at the December 10 meeting, and it was sent this afternoon. The text of the email is as follows:

Re: Agenda item 7.2.10 – LOC2019-0151 Land Use redesignation 35, 39, 43, and 47 – 34th Ave SW

The Erlton Community Association (ECA) was not circulated on the above application notwithstanding that it is directly across 34th Ave from Erlton. In view of the significant opposition expressed by our members, and the administration recommendation of approval, we submit this for consideration by the public members and Councillors on CPC.

There were a number of residents objecting to this application and their comments were summarized in the administration report. In addition, having viewed the administration’s rationale for recommending approval, specifically as it relates to compliance with policy (“Strategic Alignment” page 7 of 9) we bring up the following points:

  • Both the South Saskatchewan Regional Plan and Interim Growth Plan are high-level documents that express overarching principles (efficient use of land) that do not necessarily support the degree of intensification proposed in this application. In fact, redevelopment to allowable density under the existing R-C2 zoning would also fulfill the direction in the two documents.
  • The Municipal Development Plan also supports densification, but not to the degree proposed. The Urban Main Street concept does not lend itself to this location, where the significant grade difference creates a demarcation between the “Main Street” and the subject area. The proposal is inconsistent with MDP Section 3.5, and specifically 3.5.1 (a) which states: “Recognize the predominantly low density, residential nature of Developed Residential Areas and support retention of housing stock, or moderate intensification in a form and nature that respects the scale and character of the neighbourhood.” The proposal is not “moderate” intensification.
  • The need for an amendment to the Parkhill / Stanley Park Area Redevelopment Plan highlights its conflict with the adopted policy.

The ECA recognizes that good planning policy supports increased density in areas of existing infrastructure. We respectfully suggest that redesignation to M-CGd72, as exists on the north side of 34th Ave in Erlton, would be a more appropriate way to achieve this within the context of the neighbourhood, compared to the proposed M-H1.

Please check back for further updates.


The file manager for this application advised that it is expected to be considered at the December 19 meeting of the Calgary Planning Commission, leading to the February 3public hearing of City Council.  Administration will likely recommend approval to the Commission. 

Further information is as follows:

This application was submitted by Casola Koppe Architects on 2019 September 27. The land use amendment proposes the redesignation of a 0.26 hectares ± (0.64 acres ±) parcel from Residential – Contextual One / Two Dwelling (R-C2) District to Multi-Residential – High Density Low Rise (M-H1f3.3h21) District in the southwest community of Parkhill / Stanley Park. This proposal is intended to allow for:

  • a comprehensive redevelopment of the subject site for multi-residential development;
  • a maximum height of 21 metres (an increase from the current maximum height of 10 metres);
  • a maximum floor area of 8,550 square metres ±; and
  • the uses listed in the M-H1 District.

An amendment to the Parkhill / Stanley Park Area Redevelopment Plan is required to accommodate the proposed land use redesignation. The proposed land use amendment is consistent with the applicable policies of the Municipal Development Plan. No development permit has been submitted with this application. Any questions can be sent to the file manager, Chris Wolfe, at Chris.Wolfe@calgary.ca


This is an application on the south side of 34 Ave in Parkhill (Erlton is the north side)


To redesignate the properties from Residential – Contextual One / Two Dwelling District, (R-C2) to Multi-Residential – High Density Low Rise District (M-H1).

This proposal is not in Erlton, and the Erlton Community Association was not circulated by the City. We were aware of the application but did not submit a comment. At the AGM on November 12, 2019, the members in attendance voted to have the information posted on the ECA website so that affected members could be made aware of the application. The ECA was provided details of what is being proposed, a mix of townhouses & apartments to a total of ~80 units. 

If believe you are affected and would like to see the details please send an email to ecaplanningchair@gmail.com requesting the information.