D.P. NUMBER: DP2020-1720
Parcel Address: 2329 Erlton Place SW
Community: ERLTON
Description: New: Semi-Detached Dwelling
Gross Floor Area: 504 feet – squared
Dwelling Units: 2
Proposed Development is: Discretionary
Proposed Use: Semi-detached Dwelling 

This is an application for a new semi-detached development on the river on the west side of Erlton Place where the one remaining older house is located. The Gross Floor Area noted above, as indicated on the application, is not correct: the drawings show gross floor areas of 1,939 and 2,073 square feet.

The deadline for comment is April 9, 2020 (note – the circulation request for comment was not sent to the usual email address and was missed, therefore the time to comment is less than usual). 

If you believe you may be affected by this application, please reply and the circulation package will be emailed to you. If you are aware of neighbours who may be affected but are not ECA members, please advise them to send an email to ECAplanningchair@gmail.com requesting the circulation package.