D.P. NUMBER: DP2019-6561
Parcel Address: 2225 Macleod Trail SE
Applicant: GEC Architecture
Community: ERLTON
Description: Addition: Community Recreation Facility (South elevation); Change of Use: Office; Changes to Site Plan: Community Recreation Facility (parking) 
Gross Floor Area: 3390 feet – squared
Dwelling Units: 0
Proposed Development is: Discretionary
Proposed Use: Office, Community Recreation Facility 


The ECA submitted the following comments on this application to the City on May 17th.

ECA Comment on DP2019-6561


The deadline for comments has been extended to May 18, 2020. The email from the City planner stated:

It has been communicated by Council and City management that it is very important to keep City services open during this crisis. Part of these services include supporting the development of homes, new businesses and community resources. The Repsol Centre development is one of many development proposals that are following due process during this period. We are also concerned that the current crisis poses challenges for people/ communities to stay involved in the planning process and because of this we have been discussing ways to ensure that the same opportunities to provide feedback continue to be provided. At this point, recognizing that it may be more difficult for some to see notice postings and have time to respond, we are extending the period for which community members can provide feedback on a development in their neighbourhood by 3 weeks.

The ECA is assembling comments by email to formulate the community response. If you are affected and would like to have your views considered in the ECA comment, please email ecaplanningchair@gmail.com


This is an application for the addition to the South side of Repsol Centre that had been previously presented to the ECA. The Gross Floor Area noted above, as indicated on the application, is not correct (the addition is 3390 square metres, not square feet).

The deadline for comment is April 27, 2020 and it will be discussed at the ECA virtual meeting this Tuesday, April 14.

If you believe you may be affected by this application, please reply and the circulation package will be emailed to you. If you are aware of neighbours who may be affected but are not ECA members, please advise them to send an email to ECAplanningchair@gmail.com requesting the circulation package.