File Number: LOC2021-0156
File Manager: MELANIE HORKAN (403) 669-8595
Address: 3630 MACLEOD TR SE
Ward: 09
Legal Description: 8490AP;6;9-13,33,34-39,OT
Application Description: Land Use Amendment
Existing Land Use District: C-COR3 f3.0h46
Proposed Land Use District: I-R M-X2, M-X2

The Calgary Dream Centre, is proposing to change the land use district of 3630 Macleod Tr SE where the Best Western Inn is currently located from C-COR3 f3.0h46 to I-R M-X2, M-X2 in order to transform the location into 68 affordable housing units.

Please submit any comments on this land use change to Land Use Amendment Circulation ( before November 3rd, 2021.

Please see the circulation package attached below.

LOC2021-0156 Circulation Package