[sent May 5, 2013 to Aldermen John Mar and Gian-Carlo Carra]
Dear Aldermen Mar and Carra:
It has come to the attention of Erlton Community Association that the Ledcor Rivers development project currently underway at 26th Avenue and 1st Street SW is engaged in the following unsanctioned misuse of the public park space located at 135 26th Ave:
  1. Transit across and damage to public park space by heavy construction vehicles (including for the delivery of a portable structure and fencing);
  2. Placement of a portable structure and construction fencing in public park space, infringing on public access to and enjoyment of the same; and
  3. Use of public park space for the storage of construction dumpsters, storage lockers and other materials.
Mr. Ted Best played a major philanthropic role in the realization of this park space for public enjoyment, and the Erlton Community shares and echoes his concerns regarding these unpermitted uses of public park space. In fact, we find it contemptible that Ledcor is blatantly contravening the verbal commitment it made at public presentations not to impact the park space, actions which were also expressly forbade by numerous Permanent Conditions on development permit DP2010-4942, including paragraphs 50, 52, 56 and 88, which I include below:
  • Paragraph 50 – “There shall be no construction access through the adjacent park / natural area / Municipal Reserve / Environmental Reserve lands for the development of private land.”
  • Paragraph 52 – “Any damage to public parks, resulting from development activity, construction staging or materials storage will require restoration at the developer’s expense. The disturbed area shall be maintained until planting is established and approved by the Parks Department Inspector at 268-4760.”
  • Paragraph 56 – “The protection fencing shall be maintained along the boundary of the Environmental Reserve OR Municipal Reserve public park for the life of the development permit.”
  • Paragraph 88 – “No stockpiling or dumping of construction materials is permitted on the adjacent park / boulevard.”
Aldermen Mar and Carra, we call on you to exert all possible influence to ensure that these unsanctioned and illegal uses of public park space cease immediately, and that the responsible parties are held responsible to ensure that all damage is immediately repaired in order that the park will again be available to the citizens of Calgary for use during the coming summer months. We also strongly encourage the City to pursue fines and other disciplinary action against the responsible parties that may be deemed appropriate.
Kirt van der Woude
Erlton Community Associationpresident@erltoncommunity.com

photo 4
Bob Lang, President, Cliff Bungalow Mission Community Association
Rick Williams, Development Committee Director, Cliff Bungalow Mission Community Association
Bill Fischer, Director, Planning and Development, Erlton Community Association
Jeff Belford, President, Rideau Roxboro Community Association
Ted Best, Rideau Roxboro Community