[sent August 27 from ECA Planning to neighbours]

This morning I received an email from the Rob Kieboom, who is an Architectural Designer with John Haddon Design. They have submitted a Development Permit application for a semi-detached dwelling at the subject address.

He writes: 

“We had intended to apply as a contextual application, that given that it is a corner lot needed to be under the 8.6m district maximum height which we did achieve.  However, the zoning being an MC-G d72, it automatically made us apply as a full discretionary DP.  And given that we are a semi-detached dwelling as opposed to a more intense development that the designation allows for, we are still conforming  under the rules of the RC-2 bylaws, of which we also fit and have no relaxations.

Lastly, our clients, given the recent flooding has chosen to elevate the main floor up as many steps as possible while remaining within the envelope to mitigate any potential future damage.

A PDF of the plans are attached.

9 – 27 Ave SW – plans Aug 14 13-1

They would like to move this project ahead as rapidly as possible. They advise that there are no relaxations, but it may be two or three weeks before the City sends us a copy of the plans and the results of their review.

I’m sending this email to the nearby neighbours, as well as our planning committee, and we’ll also post it on our website.

Please share and discuss this email with your neighbours, some of whom may not be community members, or may not have provided us with their email address.

Please share your comments and thoughts with us, since it will help to form a community position.