Is this you?
Your family was affected by the 2013 Alberta floods. You’re not sure how to handle your child’s reactions to the disaster – their emotions and their behaviour. Perhaps you want to make sure you can deal with any questions or reactions your child may have. Or, you’re a child care worker or teacher who works with these children, and you want to make sure you can give them the support they need.

If this sounds like you, then the Flood Recovery Triple P seminar may be of interest.

What is Flood Recovery Triple P?
It’s a 2 hour seminar for groups of parents and professionals.

The session will cover:

  • What to expect from your child
  • Common triggers that may cause distress
  • Why some children are more affected than others
  • Parent traps
  • How to manage your children’s emotions after the flood
  • Answering children’s questions
  • Other things that can help

Where do I go for Flood Recovery Triple P?
Session is free – child care may be available if you pre-register.

Please contact Laura Eeles to register or for more information