Here are the main points of the revised landfill disposal fee waiver, which W&RS and DBA have implemented as of late last week. This information will be shown of W&RS web page shortly:

Who qualifies to have fees waived?
Waste & Recycling Services will waive landfill disposal fees for flood-affected homes within City of Calgary municipal boundaries for which Development & Building Approvals issues a demolition permit. Waste & Recycling Services will waive fees for demolished flood-affected homes until October 1, 2014.

How do I get landfill disposal fees waived?

  • Development & Building Approvals will confirm that the applicants meet the criteria and will issue a2013 Flood Temporary Waiver letter along with the demolition permit.
  • Homeowners must contact Waste & Recycling Services by contacting 3-1-1 to arrange a visit to their property by an environmental control technologist to identify the types and approximate quantities of waste materials. If asbestos or asbestos-containing materials are discovered they must be disposed of according to Occupational Health & Safety requirements. That includes obtaining a disposal permit from Waste & Recycling Services.
  • Contractors hauling the demolition waste must present the 2013 Flood Temporary Waiverletter to the scale operator with every load to have fees waived.
  • We encourage contractors to separate the demolition materials so they can be recycled instead of buried in the landfill. Materials include asphalt shingles, clean recyclable wood, brick, masonry block, scrap metals and concrete.

Can I get a refund if I’ve already paid landfill disposal fees?

Homeowners who have already demolished their flood-affected homes may be eligible for a refund of the landfill disposal fees they paid if they have a demolition permit and the receipts from the City landfill scalehouse. For further information please contact 3-1-1.