The Erlton Community Association (ECA) has an active board with seven directors, all active residents, who participate in ECA events and other initiatives in the community. The City of Calgary in the form of our Alderman and other representatives are also highly engaged.

This strategic plan is a result of a recent Erlton Community Needs Survey, which was open to all Erlton residents from mid-December, 2012 to mid-January, 2013. The results of this survey were discussed and used as an input to the ECA’s February 2013 Board Strategic Planning Session.

Vision statement

Erlton is Calgary’s best-kept secret and an inner-city gem. As one of the City’s founding neighbourhoods, Erlton strives to be a lifestyle-friendly and safe community where quality development is balanced with respect for our neighbours, historic character and the natural environment.

Mission Statement

The ECA strives to represent the interests of our residents with the aim of developing a strong and vibrant community.


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2014+ priorities

Planning & development

  • P&D Committee
    • Traffic sub-committee

Parks & Recreation

  • River clean-up
  • Playground planning

Marketing & Communications

  • Website
  • Newsletters
  • Elbow Scene and/or other marketing vehicles

Membership & Recruitment

  • Membership discounts
  • Membership drives

Community Relations

  • Neighbouring community relationships


  • Identify and execute plan for a key ECA fundraiser

Social Events

  • TBC