IMPORTANT MESSAGE from the Erlton Community Association (ECA) to all Erlton residents re.  the Erlton School site

On Feb 22, 2019, the Calgary Board of Education (CBE) provided notice that it has declared the Erlton Centre property located at 24 – 28 Ave SW as being surplus to CBE requirements and has received approval from the Minister of Education to dispose of the property. The City of Calgary has a Right of First Refusal to purchase the property. Should the City forego the offer to purchase, the property will be listed for sale.

The Erlton Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP) identifies the following land use recommendations for the site:

  • Development Guidelines: The school grounds to be redesigned in accordance with community needs, in consultation with the community. (Refer to section under Parks & Open Space)
  • Implementation: PE designation to be maintained. Parks/Recreation Department to initiate negotiations with the Calgary Board of Education with a view to redesigning the recreational facilities provided on this site.

The ARP identifies the following Recommended Policies for the site under Parks and Open Space: The existing designation of the Erlton Public School site should remain as PE Public Park, School and Recreation District (refer to Land Use Recommendations). It is recommended that the school grounds be redesigned in accordance with the community needs. In consultation with the community, consideration should be given to allocation of a tot-lot, tennis court, seating areas and soft landscaping features. In the situation where the Calgary Board of Education identifies the Erlton School site as surplus to their needs, it is recommended that consideration be given by the City to acquire the school property for community facilities and local open space purposes in accordance with the established Calgary General Municipal Plan policy.

The ARP was adopted in 1985, and while there have been several amendments to the ARP over the years, the sections regarding the Erlton School site have not been amended, and it is possible that the views of the community may have changed. In order to be proactive with respect to future uses, we will be discussing the community vision for this site at the next general meeting, on March 12 at 7pm, and encourage all affected residents to attend. Please note, meetings are open to the public, but only ECA members may vote. Memberships may be purchased at the meeting.

If you are interested but unable to attend the meeting, please email your opinions to  Please provide the following so that we can confirm your residence status and follow up if needed:

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