The ECA’s Planning & Development committee works with community residents and developers to ensure our community continues to grow with the long-term interests of the community at heart.

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Comments on Policy & Land Use

ECA to Calgary Council re Ramsay Policy & Land Use amendments January11-2016
ECA to City Council re Hillhurst Policy & Land use amendments May11-2015
ECA to City Council re Mission Road land use amendment July21-2014
ECA to City Council re Anthem Land use amendmentt June09-2014

ECA Planning & Development Vision

Erlton is an established community, and with the exception of North Erlton, development is mostly re-development – the replacement of existing homes with new infills. Compatibility is of paramount importance for redevelopment in our low-density community, especially so when new projects are immediately adjacent to existing buildings that will likely not be torn down soon. Our Area Redevelopment Plan, in Section states:

Reaffirm the policy of conservation for south Erlton. Infill development is encouraged; this should be compatible with the scale of surrounding development and the local streetscape.

The “3 Ps” of redeveloping established streetscape are “Proportion, Parking, and Privacy”. Successful developments build these three elements into their design, and are quickly approved and constructed without conflict.

We encourage developers to contact us early in their project – before applying for a development permit – in order to obtain feedback from the community. This will provide an opportunity to incorporate any changes before submission, and ensure a speedy approval and build. A street-scape view showing the homes on either side, plus a site plan and a cross-section showing the relationship with the homes on either side will enable our planning committee, and adjacent neighbours, to easily determine the impacts – good or bad.

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