On February 28th, 2018, Jeff Booke, CEO, Repsol Sport Centre, wrote:

Attached please find an updated presentation with the following changes made in response to suggestions brought forward by Erlton community residents during your January Board meeting. Please note the following:

  • Removed the grand staircase directly connecting the drop-off at the new front door of Repsol Sport Centre to 22nd Avenue, in response to the concern that 22nd Ave would become a drop-off location
  • Added a line of trees along 22nd Avenue in front of the expansion for better separation from the community
  • Raised the berm on the south end of the facility to increase green space from the edge of the curb upwards and reduce the visual height of the building
  • Measured the distance between the southernmost point of the facility and the roadway to show the setback
  • Better illustrated the opportunity for safe, efficient drop-off at the new south east doors, adjacent to the new parking circle (rather than using 22nd Ave)

 Other items to note:

  1. The proposed expansion sits within the approved land use boundary
  2. The design of the south expansion follows the curve of the existing training pool to minimize obstructions to current sightlines and views
  3. Additional parking strategies are being explored to manage traffic concerns should problems arise

I look forward to receiving your feedback.
As requested, please provide your feedback to:

jbooke@repsolsport.com — Jeff Booke, Repsol Sports Centre
erlton@shaw.ca — ECA Planning Committee

Repsol Sport Centre Community Engagement